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Retro Stage enters 7th year with New collection

Retro Stage is celebrating its seventh anniversary throughout May with the launch of its latest retro collection. Retro clothing enthusiasts can purchase swimsuits, rompers, and dresses inspired by 20th-century collections.

MONTEREY, Calif: Retro Stage was launched in 2017, since its inception the brand has been dedicated to vintage fashion with a unique blend of classic and modern aesthetics, available on the brand's website.

Along with online options, Retro Stage has hosted several in-person events in places such as Anaheim, California, and the fashion capital of the Western world Paris. These events are meant to encourage fashionistas who like vintage outfits. The brand is also available in a few offline stores across the US, allowing its customers to experience the magic of its apparel in person.

Retro Stage has amassed a catalog of thousands of designs over the years, covering every style imaginable, from evening gowns and swimwear to shoes and accessories. The team of designers working with the brand follows the philosophy of seamlessly blending vintage patterns and themes with modern elements. Their goal is to create unforgettable items that can stand on their own in the fashion world.

The brand's dedicated team ensures that retro elements are woven into every aspect of the design. This process helps maintain the unique charm of 20th-century aesthetics while blending it with contemporary trends.

In April 2024 Retro Stage released its collection which was inspired by summer for those who love retro and vintage style. This summer collection focused on incorporating seasonal elements to feel the sunshine and get into the summer spirit to start your holidays off right.

When Retro Stage designers envisioned the new summer series, they kept in mind the spirit of vitality and passion that this season represents. With this learning in mind, the team strived to infuse a sense of freedom into every stitch. They mixed classic vintage patterns with the sunny color palette and assembled an incredible collection of swimsuits, dresses and more. Overall, the Summer 2024 range was the soul of the season that retro fashion lovers will always remember.

Swimsuits are an important element of the summer wardrobe, but summer isn't just about swimming and suntanning, it's also important to stay cool when the sun goes down. For those who prefer skirts over pants, there's no dearth of options on the retro stage. If you are interested in checking out vintage fashion you can still browse the Retro Stage website for your favorite summer outfits.

Retro Stage's Christmas collection was launched in December 2023. The collection aimed to meet consumers' festive attire needs by offering annual ultra-low prices. This gave consumers an option to create their ideal Christmas wardrobe with amazing deals for their holiday season.

The Christmas collection had stunning evening gowns, dresses, timeless vintage coats and much more to browse. Retro Stage combined classic retro elements with the latest modern fashion to offer its customers a wide range of exclusive vintage clothing. The collection gave vintage fashionistas the option to celebrate the holidays and express their style at the same time.

Retro Stage's Christmas collection took inspiration from iconic holiday themes and the overall festive atmosphere. The design team was inspired by the joy and warmth of the Christmas season, so they cleverly incorporated classic patterns, rich textures and exquisite details.

The designer team combined the usual color schemes of vintage fashion with the classic colors of Christmas to create a series of uniquely festive retro pieces. The combination represents the spirit of the season and pays homage to the timeless aesthetics of the 20th century.

Retro Stage launched its highly anticipated '30s and '40s lines in August 2023. The collection showcased the elegance and sophistication of the 1930s and the practical simplicity of the 1940s. This collection offered retro enthusiasts a wide range of fashion options that inspired them to be creative and nostalgic. By introducing these two new lines the brand has taken an important step towards diversifying the world of 20th century inspired clothing.

News Source: Retro Stage

Image Source: PRNewswire

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