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Knix Swim Collection launched with 30 swimwear

TORONTO: The global intimates and apparel brand Knix has launched its largest Swim Collection. This collection was launched with a brand trip aka Club Knix. Over invited 60 guests were invited to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico! To celebrate this launch.

Knix customers, ambassadors and influencers were part of this brand trip, the action-packed trip was filled with exciting experiences. Guests had a live runway, photo moments and posing workshops to celebrate the swim collection.

The Swim Collection includes over 30 swimwear pieces, all inspired by industry trends and Knix customer feedback. Knix Swim Collection has bold new colours and erotic new silhouettes, including new beachwear and accessories.

The brand has made sure it does not compromise with comfort and style needs. The collection has new colors and prints that include Knix Oceana, Knix Mango, Knix Seashell, Knix Sea Lily, Knix Feline, Knix Black and Lush Green.

Swim Collection includes Cinch Shaper One Piece by Knix, Short Sleeve Zip One Piece by Knix, One Wave Bikini Top by Knix, Triangle Bikini Top by Knix, String Bikini Bottom by Knix, Leakproof Swim Skirt by Knix and Leakproof Swim Shorts by Knix.

Knix and Fashion influencer Valeria Lipovetsky have selected a wide range of swim cover-ups and accessories that can be paired with this collection.

Knix launched its expanded Thigh Saver collection in April 2024. Thigh Saver is lightweight, seamless, and designed with super stretchy material. The spring and summer shorts from this collection are available in various fabric options, they are Leakproof and can shape your style.

Thigh Saver is available in different lengths, but the most important feature is its liquid absorption capacity, it can absorb up to 3 teaspoons easily.
Knix 10" Leakproof Thigh Saver
Knix 6" Leakproof Contour Thigh Saver
Knix new Luxe Modal Thigh Saver 6
Knix's Leakproof Thigh Saver

Chafing on the inner thighs in warm weather is very common, you can encounter this problem when using public transportation or attending an event. This can make you uncomfortable in your uniform or even taking a walk. But with Thigh Saver you can relax and don’t worry about inner thigh chafing or sweat.

The lightweight shorts by Thigh Saver offer chafe-preventing coverage to the upper thigh and mid-thigh. You can choose shorts as per your desired length, they act as a barrier and protect your skin from inner-thigh chafing.

Knix Thigh Saver is made from smooth fabric with cooling technology that makes you feel fresh and prevents skin friction. You can use them to prevent chafing or layering under your clothes, or you can also pair them with your oversized t-shirt. The new Thigh Saver is available online or in retail locations across Canada and California.

In April 2024 Knix launched the Sexy Mesh Capsule collection, this collection has Knix Mesh Bra, Knix Mesh Bodysuit and Knix Light Leakproof No-Show Mesh High Rise underwear. The collection is designed to give you coziness with smooth and sexy mesh while wearing as underwear or outerwear.

Gabrielle Union is the brand's latest global brand ambassador for Sexy Mesh Capsule collection, she debuts with the tagline "Knix for Life in the recent creatives by Knix. This partnership highlights the brand's mission to offer products for all age groups with a mesh twist.

Known as a Leakproof Brand in North America Knix has over 39,000+ 5-star reviews on its Wireless Bras, it has sold around 10+ million underwear. Knix is designed to give the perfect amount of leak protection, the brand’s Light Leakproof No-Show Mesh High Rise underwear can absorb about 2 tsp of liquid. The sheer Mesh Bra has transparent cups and adjustable straps, it also has wireless support, available in XS-XXXXL size.

The Mesh Bodysuit by Knix comes with double mesh paneling in the cups, so you can pair it with your favorite dress, or with underwear as outerwear. The Mesh Bodysuit is trending as a perfect addition to your spring wardrobe.

The collection is available in Black, White, and Citron color, you can buy them online or from Knix stores across Canada and California.

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