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Fastrack to Launch New Smartwatch 'Reflex Play'

Bangalore, Karnataka, India: The accessories brand Fastrack is all set to launch its next range of smartwatch Reflex Play, on Amazon this Prime Day on July 23rd and 24th on The Smartwatch offers the latest features at an affordable price range of INR 5995.

Amazon Prime Day begins on July 23, 2022 at noon and runs through July 24, 2022. This is the most anticipated shopping event of the year for Prime members on The eCommerce giant offers two days of great deals, savings, blockbuster entertainment, new launches and much more.

Features Of This Electronic Gadgets

The wearable device comes with a host of features, including a 1.3” AMOLED display, blood pressure monitoring, and SPO2 monitoring. The smartwatch comes in four fun colours, a variety of animated watch faces, and built-in games. It has options for Always On Display and Notifications, giving you access to important messages, email, weather updates, and a calendar on your wrist.

In Build Entertainment Features

You get the feel of a slim screen on a smartwatch with a wide viewing angle and contrast ratio. You can also take entertainment with you wherever you go, as it offers features like built-in games and the option to control the camera and music. Other features like Sport Mode, heart rate monitoring, and 7-day battery life with IP68 water resistance make the Reflex Play perfect for your harsh outdoor activities.

Where To Buy Smartwatch 'Reflex Play Online

The Fastrack Reflex Play will be showcased in the ‘Launches in Spotlight’ category on Amazon exclusively during Amazon Prime Day at Rs.5995.

Fastrack launched Unwind, a mental health pitstop in April 2022 to support conversations about mental health among youth. The Indian youth fashion and tech brand has decided to take this initiative for Gen-Z which aims to make the conversation more open about mental health and provide support and resources.

As a part of this campaign, Fastrack introduced the Unwind microsite which provides an accessible guide on various issues related to mental health and therapy.

The brand has partnered with the youth media organization Yuva to communicate with youth about unwind. Fastrack has also collaborated with The Artidote, a platform that uses art to discuss emotions. This collaboration will host The Artidote Moment in Bangalore and Mumbai which aims to bring people together.
Unwind provides a safe and open space with experts to help Indian youth access Mental Health Resources through The Mental Health Pitstop.

The microsite will address various topics related to mental well-being including anxiety, ADHD, academic pressure, depression, etc. In collaboration with Mindpierce, Unwind will also offer 500 hours of free online therapy sessions to encourage people to open up and normalize seeking professional help.

To improve esports performance, BGMI athletes and streamers need to build long-term healthy habits by tracking key aspects of their health, particularly stress, sleep, and steps. Irony eSports, a community-first eSports platform, partnered with Fastrack in February 2022 to encourage long-term healthy habits for eSports athletes.
Fastrack was the title sponsor of the War Mania Pro Warrior Cup BGMI tournament with 6500 participants. Participants competed for the opportunity to play against 24 of India's most respected BGMI teams. The tournament began on 23 January and concluded with the grand finale on 9 February.

The career of an eSports athlete is short and stressful, so most eSports athletes retire by the age of 25. This early retirement is caused by slower reaction times and a marked decline in cognitive abilities.
Fastrack Reflex VOX Smartwatch was launched in January 2022, this is the first Smartwatch by Fastrack. It works as a fashion and fitness gadget that helps gamers, streamers, and pro eSports gamers improve their performance. An eSports athlete has to undergo a lot of stress during their gaming practice, formulating strategies and training to improve their gameplay. All this requires them to spend long periods in front of screens in a passive state, which affects their ability to stay active, sleep and recover.

Along with a host of fitness trackers, the Fastrack Reflex VOX also has a super-lasting battery of up to 10 days that can be enjoyed while attending games in style. The smartwatch has an SPO2 tracker, Sleep Tracker and 24*7 HRM along with built-in Alexa with more than 100 plus watch faces and multi-sports mode along with a large 1.69 HD screen.

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