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Baleaf Sports Launches Eco-Friendly Activewear


New York: Baleaf Sports has announced the launch of its new Sustainable Line Activewear on May 25. Each item of the brand's activewear can cost around US$20-30.

Baleaf, a contemporary sportswear brand committed to creating versatile and eco-friendly products, introduces seven new eco-friendly sportswear that will reduce waste and protect the planet.

Each activewear piece is made from eco-friendly materials and designed to be highly versatile and wearable in multiple scenarios. Products are made from biodegradable and recyclable materials to restrict pollution and promote a circular economy.

Since its inception, Baleaf has been committed to taking fashion slow by creating versatile and high-quality garments. While activewear can last longer and be worn in more scenarios, by reducing and streamlining an activewear wardrobe, we can reduce the impact on our carbon footprint. The brand's mission is very clear, to make environmental protection easy and affordable for all. To achieve this goal, the brand has made substantial progress in the research and development of materials that reduce waste and pollution and are available for US$20-30.

In 2021, the brand launched its modal fabric made from the wood pulp of beech trees, which is completely biodegradable and causes less damage to the environment. In 2022, Baleaf decided to expand its development of sustainable materials to include recycled nylon and recycled Polyester fiber from waste plastic bottles and damaged fishing nets. The recycled nets have saved seven barrels of crude oil, while every ton of used plastic bottles has saved 8,000 liters of water.

Lee, the lead fabric engineer at Baleaf, says sustainable nylon can be recycled and regenerated indefinitely. Baleaf Nylon and Spandex blends contain 75% recycled nylon made from fishing nets. In addition, their fabric design and development team has developed a material that is premium, silky and smooth and has a double-sided stretch for convenience. This ultimately gives maximum comfort without sacrificing functionality or the environment. Furthermore, all products sold by the brand are handed over to customers in reusable bags, the biodegradable packaging material breaks down within three years and does not contribute to waste or pollution.

Apart from the products, the brand also strives for transparency and sustainability in every part of the supply chain. In 2021, Bayleaf and its suppliers received Global Recycle Standards (GRS) certification and the brand strives to comply with GRS norms at every stage of production. The company culture also reflects its commitment to sustainability while maintaining the highest standards of ethical work practices and human rights. With the launch of the Sustainable Line activewear, Bayleaf is progressing towards its commitment to achieving 100% sustainable products by 2035.

SOURCE: Baleaf Sports
Edited By: Stree Clothing

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