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Vegan Dress by Magnum ice cream and Iris Van Herpen

Magnum ice cream has stepped into circular fashion with World's First Vegan Dress made from cocoa beans.


ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS, N.J: Magnum ice cream and Dutch fashion designer Iris Van Herpen have designed a vegan Haute Couture dress, inspired by the iconic Magnum’s dairy-free vegan ice cream.

Cindy Bruna wore the Magnum Vegan Dress at Iris Van Herpen’s 15th Anniversary show during Paris Fashion Week at Elysee Montmartre on July 4.

Material Details 

The dress is created with an intricate 3-dimensional design that incorporates a sustainable organic biopolymer material made from cocoa bean husk. The Magnum Vegan Dress features intricate details including plant-like body ornaments clad in copper, while other 3D elements are printed using innovative Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) technology. Meta Morphism by Dutch fashion designer Iris Van Herpen is her 15th-anniversary collection inspired by Ovid's canonical poem "Metamorphoses".

Collaboration Details

Magnum Ice Cream's collaboration with Iris Van Herpen is the brand's first step towards a broader ambition in the fashion industry. In addition to this partnership, Magnum Ice Cream also plans to strengthen its long-term commitment to sustainable fashion with the University of Leeds. The brand intends to commission a research project with the Leeds Institute of Textiles and Color (LITAC) to work towards sustainable fashion using by-products extracted from its key ingredients.

Promotion Details

Social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram will be used by Magnum Ice Cream and Iris van Herpen to share exclusive behind-the-scenes content during Paris Fashion Week. Fans across the globe are invited to experience the partnership and magic of fashion week virtually.

During Paris Haute Couture Week in July 2021 Iris van Herpen presented her collection ‘Earthrise’ which explores the beauty of the earth. The Amsterdam-based designer showcased the great beauty of our planet with a collection of 19 looks. The focus of this collection was to create awareness to preserve the dignity of our planet's changing landscape.

Van Herpen’s initiative towards an integrated approach to fashion with her collections draws a connection between artisanal tailoring and organic craftsmanship. This idea derives from the belief that we are living and breathing creatures from the same planet. Planet Earth's cyclical processes can be seen in their latest collection, which includes fabrics made from Parley to recycled plastic fabrics from the ocean.

Iris Van Herpen showcased her collection 'Roots of Rebirth' at Paris Haute Couture Week in January 2021. The collection featured 21 looks inspired by roots and spores that reflect the complexity of fungi that live most of their lives underground and out of sight.

Through 'Roots of Rebirth', the Dutch designer attempted to explore the rich, yet deeply delicate unfamiliar world of a mysterious fungus territory and the life-carrying fine threads of mycelium. The collection details the extraordinary existence of this winding fabric and the wonderful world of undergrowth tapestry.

'Entangled Life', a book by scientist Marilyn Sheldrake, states that 'Fungi are the ecological connective tissue, the living seam by which much of the world is interconnected.' The structure of Van Herpen's haute couture garments echo the same fungal activity.

Lady Gaga wore an Iris Van Herpen dress during the MTV Video Music Awards in September 2020. She wore nine different dresses, but the most poetic dress of the evening was by Dutch designer Iris van Herpen.

This dress for Gaga was made from satin inspired by the rainbow with lasercut to the wafer-thin fringe. Lady Gaga wore matching face masks with each outfit, with Van Herpen dress she wore a pink face mask shaped like an insect's head, giving her the look of an alien butterfly.
(Photo Credit: Magnum ice cream)

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