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The High Summer 2022 Collection By Maaji

MEDELL├ŹN, Colombia: Happy summer days of the sun are back as Maaji introduces the new Flashback Friday collection in color blocks, and geo-washy prints, all in bright colors for a tanned summer body. The latest collection is inspired by the glow of the 70s to recreate the golden days.

The High Summer 2022 collection reflects the golden hour with beautiful browns and vibrant mustard yellow to enhance the skin tone. Sea Glass, Turquoise Blue and Powder Pink Fuchsia, along with golden hue colors together reflect the sunset.

About the Founders

Founded in 2003 by Colombian sisters Manuela and Amalia Sierra, Maaji believes that everybody is a bikini body, which is why it promises to offer bikini tops such as Liberty, Ursule, Andy, Kristi and many more options for every body type. The founders of Maaji grew up in Medellin, Colombia with a love for fashion and a strong influence from their entrepreneurial parents who supported their big dream big, to create their own swimwear and lifestyle brand. The brand is present in 57 countries and has exclusive 15 stand-alone stores across America, including iconic stores such as Nordstrom and Anthropologie.

About the Brand

Maaji is a lifestyle brand made from 100% Colombian fabric because the brand supports local sourcing.
Maaji is a passionate brand with a positive and vibrant mindset that believes in celebrating the spirit of freedom. This belief in the power of unity has inspired them to form their own community, The Maajic Seekers Tribe.

About the brand's Inspiration

The brand's creations depict ocean-inspired colors, great combinations, unexpected details, and their favorite magic tricks: 4-way and reversible styling. It is intentionally made in Colombia, which is why its label proudly states: Made in Colombia with Maajic. The Earth Warrior brand is proudly a B Certified Corporation with the reasonability to create consciously and inspire their community.

About Brand's Team Work

At Maaji the focus is very clear on doing the right thing with a commitment, the key focus is towards sustainability and sourcing responsibly. Maajic Makers, the brand’s 350+ employees work passionately to make Maaji's vision to life. All employees at Maaji are treated with dignity and respect, and most importantly, earn a living wage.

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