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Mekhela Chador by Sanjukta Dutta At Cannes

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India: The winner of Top Model UK Award Ingrida Ilegin and the top New York model Mirka Howard wore the Sanjukta Dutta label at the 76th Cannes Film Festival 2023. Ingrida Ilgin graced the red carpet in a handcrafted mulberry silk green gown, this is third time in a row that she has chosen Sanjukta's label.

Mika Howard was seen on the red carpet in black Mekhela Chador designed by Sanjukta Dutta. Mekhela Chador is a traditional handloom Assamese dress worn by the women in Assam. This Assamese dress consists of two independent parts, the Mekhela is worn around the waist and the upper part is draped with a Chador like a saree.

A recipient of several awards in the category of "Best Fashion Designer", Sanjukta has left no stone unturned to empower the rural artisans of India. Her efforts to bring the age-old art of Assamese handloom to the global stage has earned her the opportunity to showcase her new collection Chiki-Miki at the Paris Fashion Week Fall Winter Show 2023.

Assam Handloom is carving its own niche on the global map as it is very rare that you see a regional fashion reaching the global platform. With CHIKI-MIKI Sanjukta redefines women's sensuality with mulberry silk designer wear.

“Chiki-Miki" means bright and shiny, this collection celebrates spring's vibrant colors and festive accents. This collection will add that perfect sparkle to the wardrobe of all fashion connoisseurs who want to possess the beauty of Assamese silk blended with a modern, fashionable appeal. 

Sanjukta Dutta, is an Assamese designer from Nagaon near Guwahati. As an artist, she loves to play with colors and textures and she is famous for clubbing traditions and prints from different geographies into a unique custom garment. Sanjukta holds an Engineering degree from Assam Engineering College and she has worked in the PWD Department of Public Administration in early 2003.

In early 2012, when he met Sandeep Chawla, the owner of Sohum Shoppe, Sandeep convinced her to design Mekhela Sador. This opportunity resulted in great success and within approximately 18 months Sanjukta sold more than 3,000 units of the products created for Sohum. After this success, she had to leave her 9-5 job to pursue his dreams and work passionately. She visited many Indian states and took inspiration to create various designs like Bandhej, Leheria and Ari from Gujarat, Rajsthan and Kashmir in her creation. The experiments she did with textures have not changed the philosophy of ancient Assamese clothing while mixing futuristic designs with trendy tastes.

In 2013, Sanjukta Dutta started her business journey with two workshops and six looms in Guwahati. Today, she owns 13 factories and works more than 100 looms to create her fabric. She has a team of expert weavers and artisans who help her in making the most exquisite silk 'Mekhela Chadors' with different varieties of colorful silk threads including Muga & Pat. This traditional garment of Assam is unique, personal and handcrafted by her and goes through a strict production cycle of 45 days.

Today She has a commercial boutique, Sanjukta Studio that offers her clients an opportunity to choose or place customized orders for dresses. Along with garments, she is also fond of creating Assamese traditional jewelry, in 2014 she inaugurated her commercial boutique called Sanjukta’s Tradition Redesigned Studio.
Sanjukta showcased her collection at the Lakme Fashion Week 2017 in Mumbai, where top Bollywood actresses walked the ramp as showstoppers for her label. She has also created many beautiful and adorable outfits and has styled leading actresses and supermodels. Britain's Prince William and Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton visited Assam in 2016, they were presented with traditional Assamese 'anga-vastra' designed by Sanjukta.

Sanjukta's collection is a balance of traditional Assamese motifs on beautiful Mekhla Chadars, her sarees and lehenga-cholis are made from Assamese silk. The materials she uses in her collection are locally produced from a special type of silkworm that is found only in one village in Assam. She is very particular about using silk-like pat or mulberry silk produced locally from pat silkworms. The natural color of this silk is either brilliant white or off-white and has a lustrous tint and is also durable.
Source: Sanjukta Dutta
Image Source: Business Wire India

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