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Rashmi Goutham launched Alabhya in Bangalore

Bangalore, Karnataka, India: Ratirup Retails Pvt. Ltd, a chain of clothing manufacturers in South India has launched ‘Alabhya’ in HSR Layout, Bengaluru. Telugu actress Rashmi Goutham inaugurated the Boutique.

Rashmi's outfit was specially designed by the 'Alabhya' studio for this event. She liked the idea very interesting and inspiring of exclusive ethnic clothing with high-quality fabric and materials.

1. What is Alabhya famous for?

Custom Ethnic Clothing Boutique deals in readymade clothing items and provides a total ethnic fashion clothing solution for women. Alabhya has a wide range of fabric and hand-woven sarees in different qualities, colours, concepts and themes. The boutique also offers a wide range of traditional fashion jewelry, footwear and branded perfumes. Interestingly, these perfumes can be custom-made upon request.

2. The views of Ratirup Retails Pvt. Ltd directors?

TirupatiRao V, Mr. Manjunath BR and Sahadeva K are the directors of Ratirup Retails Pvt. Ltd. They have 20 years of vast experience in the textile, manufacturing, and retail sector. In a joint statement, the directors expressed their wish to create a trustworthy, reliable and premium ethnic women's clothing concept for Bangalore's ethnic fashion customers. Alabhya will sell ready-made clothing materials directly to the customer with an aim to bridge the product gap between manufacturers and customers.

3. What are the expansion plans of Alabhya?

In this first year, Alanya plans to open 50 stores in South India, in the next 3 years, it plans to expand to 200 stores across India.

4. What is the business model of Alabhya?

Alabhya operates as a 100% franchise model with an aim to target Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities. The franchise cost varies between 20-40 lakhs depending upon the location, area and size of the store.

Source: Alabhya

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