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Weighted Blanket launched by ARDO Living

Santa Monica, California: ARDO Living has launched the Summer Cooling Weighted Blanket made from 100% Bamboo Rayon. The blanket helps regulate body temperature for a better night's sleep.

About Blanket Fabric

ARDO Living has launched the Summer Cooling Weighted Blanket, made from 100 percent bamboo rayon. is made of 100% bamboo rayon fabric, has a cool feel, and is breathable. It is recommended for use in the summer as it regulates body temperature.

How This Product Improves Sleep Quality In The Summer Months

When it comes to getting a good night's sleep in the hot summer months, temperature regulation plays an important role in sleep and overall well-being, but it is often overlooked in view of its impact on sleep quality and physical and mental well-being. The blanket promotes better airflow by wicking heat away from the body and maintaining a steady temperature throughout the night, facilitating a deeply relaxing state to rejuvenate the body and mind.

About The Brands Vision and Mission

ARDO Living is an innovative lifestyle brand offering sustainable weight blankets and home coats. Established in 2021, ARDO Living combines the power of comfort to help customers throughout the day and night. Bridging the gap between industry isolation and dominance makes the practice of self-care easy, effortless, and natural, equipping our clients with the mindset and confidence to thrive in the contemporary world. ARDO Living products are made using sustainable bamboo rayon, which is 98.9% biodegradable. They are delivered in biodegradable garment bags with 100% recyclable paper boxes and tapes.

Source: ARDO Living
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